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Ladies Long Robes

Ladies Long Robes


Product Description:

Main Features:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Zipper conclusion
  • Great Quality Material
  • Extraordinary Design
  • Adaptability Pockets
  • Launderer
  • Extraordinary GIFT

About This Item:

Great Quality Material:

The gentlest and agreeable Ladies Long Robes for Women. This Women Long Robe is made of 100% top-notch polyester. The texture is delicate, warm, and lightweight, which is free fit and gives the most extreme solace.

Unique Design:

The zip-front robe that makes each second when you wear it extra delicate, cozy, warm, and comfortable. Contrasted and belt shower robes, it is more helpful for day-by-day home exercises. The high neck is hotter and can feature an exquisite demeanor. Cutting makes the shower robe look more wonderful, add interest to life

Flexibility Pockets:

The Ladies Long Robes connected with a belt and two enormous profound front pockets. The pockets are likewise helpful for you to convey your PDA, snacks, or different necessities that will make your hands free.

Launder able:

We suggest that you wash it prior to utilizing it interestingly to make your pajama set milder and more agreeable. The texture is great polyester hold their fleeciness and flexibility significantly more than one wash. If it’s not too much trouble, wash at low temperature and wash with comparable tones.

Extraordinary GIFT:

Perfect birthday, Christmas, and commemoration present to your significant other, mother, girl, or companion. At the point when put on this lightweight Women Bathrobe, you will make the most of your shower time the entire evening.

Ladies Long Robes

Put down your garments and envelop them with this ladies rich downy robe

Dispose of your weakness, completely relax, and unwind following a long working day

Actually like drinking a cup of hot cocoa in chill winter…

In vogue and Beautiful Colors

Ladies Long Robes expects to foster an assortment of uncommon and lovely tones and various styles to uncover ladies’ magnificence and certainty at whatever point at home or out.

The correct pocket

You’ll appreciate the accommodation of the two enormous pockets while relaxing around the house and conveying your things in your grasp wherever you go.

Delicate and agreeable texture

Very delicate downy wraparounds for ladies, long and warm enough. When putting on it in the virus winter, you will feel enormous satisfaction.

Wonderful collar plan

The ideal collar configuration features the great of the garments, you will cherish it the second you get it.

Why pick our Ladies Long Robes?

Delicate and Smooth

The robe for ladies is delicate and agreeable, very comfortable touch, the most extreme in solace and style with contrast trim and hand-warming pockets.

Lightweight however Warm

The ladies’ colder time of year housecoats is neither too flimsy nor excessively thick, yet warm and agreeable.

Machine Washable

Our lady’s robe isn’t difficult to fluffing and pilling, helpful to wash in the clothes washer.

Ecological and Friendly

The long shower robe for ladies is natural security with no mischief to your skin, the ideal fit for clients searching for comfortable and delicateness in a ladies’ robe.


Unwinding is critical to a solid life, and you can’t loosen up except if you are agreeable. Request this rich robe today so you can loosen up regardless of where you are and regardless of who is near.

Modify Your Fit

This robe an incredible fit for any body type because of the flexible external.

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